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Toronto, Ontario – May 30, 2012 – Broadstreet Data Solutions Inc. (“Broadstreet”) has partnered with Outside Intelligence Inc. (“OIQ”) to deliver Big Data solutions for the Financial Services industry.


The relationship announced today combines OIQ’s Risk Discovery Platform™ with Broadstreet’s expertise in Enterprise Data Management and success in the Financial Services sector. OIQ’s proprietary search technology delivers highly relevant noise-free information for enterprises to make better decisions faster. Together, Broadstreet and OIQ now offer compelling solutions for clients grappling with the challenges of getting bottom-line value from the ever expanding “digital universe” commonly referred to as Big Data.

“As we continue to accelerate the business and scale, selecting the right partners is critical. Broadstreet’s capabilities in BI, Analytics, and Search Based Applications (SBAs), combined with their proven delivery track record makes them an ideal partner,” said Dan Adamson, President & CEO of OIQ, “Applying our ground breaking platform to solve high value problems in the Financial Services sector plays to both Broadstreet’s and OIQ’s strengths. This is truly and exciting milestone for OIQ.”

“The market for solutions that can combine robust search and analytic functionality is growing quickly. OutsideIQ has a great platform enabling large organizations to evaluate a wide and complex range of data sources – from internal applications to social media – as they make critical decisions around capital investment, risk management, and overall organizational performance”, commented Tim Stanley, President of Broadstreet Data.

Broadstreet Data is one of Canada’s leading providers of enterprise data solutions around Analytics, Data Integration, Search, and Governance.

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