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Is Atomic Reach the Content Marketing Game Changer?


 Atomic Reach Review

Content is king.

We hear it all the time.

But is it really?

How much time, money and resources has your business spent on blogs, articles, white papers, ebooks, press releases?

And what was the ROI?

My point is that content is not king.  Quality content that producesengagement is king.

So how do we avoid wasting time on content that doesn’t interest your audience, doesn’t get shared, and simply doesn’t work?

Enter Toronto startup Atomic Reach.

Atomic Reach

I first heard of Atomic Reach last year via Danny Brown’s blog, and have been following the company ever since.  Last week I swung by the Atomic Reach offices and they were kind enough to walk me through the platform and answer some questions.

What is Atomic Reach?

Atomic Reach helps you create content that really is king.

It does this by optimizing your content for maximum impact, engagement, and reach.

From their website: “Our platform analyzes your historical articles to identify your ideal performance score and unlocks detailed insights about your audience, so that you can perfect your content in real-time.”

For example, before you even publish your next blog, the Atomic Reach plug-in can analyse and score your content, and provide real-time recommendations for improvement, including:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Whether the language is too sophisticated for your audience
  • Whether your content needs to be more unique
  • How to improve or fix under-performing links
  • How to improve the title or headline to capture readers’ attention
  • If your content has enough “emotion” to connect with readers

Take a look at this quick video on the Atomic Reach WordPress plug-in (which I’m using):


Atomic Reach will grade your content, and your aim is to reach a score of above 60 for optimal impact, and where a score of 75 is really ideal (this specific blog post scored a 72).

Who is Atomic Reach for?

The platform is for three groups:

  1. Publishers: any content site or information resource
  2. Bloggers: any blog or blogger
  3. Brands: any business that regularly produces (or wants to produce) content

What will Atomic Reach Do for My Business?

To borrow its metaphor, “atomic” refers to the energy or potential energy released between atomic particles.  If your content is the particles, Atomic Reach will help create the energy so it has maximum impact.

It will help you create better content that will be read more, shared more, and engaged more.

And as you create more “positive energy” for your content, the effect will be more fans, followers, and customers.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Atomic Reach platform costs $1000 for an initial Atomic Impact Report, and a monthly subscription starting at $500.  However, their Audience Engager WordPress App is available free to bloggers.

Is Atomic Reach a Game Changer?

It’s possible.

I review a lot of startups, tools, and technologies, and can honestly say this one has a lot of potential.  With massive expenditures on Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Content Curation and Creation, there is a definite need to waste less time on content that will have little impact and low engagement.

Atomic Reach helps solve that problem so content creators can continually manage, measure, and improve their content.

Having spoken with the team, I do know there are also some really interesting plans with social and rich media that will enable users to get even more bang for the content bucks, but we’ll leave that for future posts :)


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