Genwealth Ventures LP Fund 1:

Atomic Reach is a robust and cost-effective social content curation platform used by brands and publishers to leverage the power of community and content to boost their search engine page-rank, drive better user engagement, and generate more sales conversions. We work with brands and publishers to build customized content communities featuring high-quality, hand-picked bloggers who share their content and traffic with the brand. The Atomic Reach content curation platform sits at the centre of the content marketing universe, providing compelling value propositions for brands, publishers and micro-publishers.


Outside Intelligence is a Search-based Application (SBA) company focused on using Big Data to discover and understand risk. The firm’s proprietary technology is based on data processing innovations that allow enterprises to synthesize and interpret vast amounts of disparate and otherwise inaccessible information in a timely manner – without the need to acquire large quantities of expensive infrastructure to manage it.


Sport Testing Inc. is the world’s leading athlete evaluation company with a mandate of improving sport internationally for years to come.

We combine the knowledge of sport authorities, scientists and elite athletes to standardize specific tests.  Sport Testing Inc. utilizes the world’s most accurate testing, reactive and training equipment to evaluate athletes in sport-specific abilities on and off the field of play.


Legacy Investments


Locationary is solving one of the most significant location-based content problems on the Internet — the broadcast and synchronization of local business information. Our new system is designed to bring together official updates from business owners from across the web, algorithmic data analysis and processing, and local knowledge. Local place data has been traditionally gathered through paid employee workforces – making it expensive, geographically-fragmented, deficient, and stale. Our unique crowd-sourcing system motivates the public to add and update this data much faster and at a lower cost.