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Sep 23, 2013

Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. and Sport Testing Inc. Announce Partnership

TORONTO, ON – Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. (“Pointstreak”) and Sport Testing Inc. (“Sport Testing”) are pleased to announce they have reached a partnership agreement which will see Pointstreak provide business development support to Sport Testing while both companies work on integrated platforms to better serve the sports industry.  Sport Testing provides state-of-the-art athlete assessment technology with the world’s most accurate equipment providing detailed information about athletes’ strengths and weaknesses.  Comprehensive reports compare athletes’ test results against athletes of similar age or talent level providing a blueprint for areas of improvement.  Under the terms of the agreement Pointstreak will provide direct sales support of the Sport Testing platform to customers in the sports market while working with Sport Testing to develop complimentary platforms that will provide more reliable content and data for athletes, coaches and scouting organizations.

“Pointstreak currently provides services to thousands of leagues and associations globally so it was easy to see how their existing relationships could benefit Sport Testing.  The combination of Pointstreak’s existing sales infrastructure and their extensive experience in developing sports technologies is a great asset to our company”, said Jonathon Hollins, President of Sport Testing.

Pointstreak currently provides content to athletes, coaches and scouting organizations specific to statistics, video and academic information.  With the addition of the sport specific test results from Sport Testing it will provide interested parties with even more data points to enhance the evaluation process of athletes.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative company as Sport Testing.  The results of their platform to date have proven the value and benefits of the system to athletes and sports organizations.  Our existing clients are always looking for solutions to develop, test and advance athletes in every sport.  Sport Testing will revolutionize the way athletes, coaches and scouting organizations identify and evaluate athletes.  We look forward to creating awareness of Sport Testing’s platform within the sports market”, commented Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.

Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.’s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.

Specialized for the needs of sports organizations such as leagues, teams, associations and governing bodies, Pointstreak’s solutions streamline operations and improve the experience of sports participants, fans and media. Pointstreak has three broad divisions: League & Team Management Solutions (brands: Pointstreak Stats - real-time league statistics system; Pointstreak Registration - online registration system; Pointstreak Sites - website content management system), 50/50 Electronic Raffle System (brand: Pointstreak 5050) and Athlete Performance, Development & Promotion (brand: Pointstreak Performance).

More information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. can be found at or through the dedicated product information website

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About Sport Testing Inc.:

Sport Testing Inc. is the industry leader in athletic data management software and assessment hardware.  High-precision systems reveal true strengths and weaknesses to show any athlete exactly where they stand, giving a blueprint for real improvement. Real-time testing results and online analytics allow athletes and coaches to adjust training using unbiased data, not guesswork. For more information:

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